MBAC is a Health Technology Consulting firm that specialises in developing and implementing business strategies for clients in the Health Technology Sector.  

We are unique in our strong focus on transforming business plans and strategy into action, with measurable results.  We pride ourselves in offering clients sustainable holistic solutions that combine practicality, experience and scientific methodology.

Mark Banfield
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We play a long term game: building relationships and developing a deep understanding of our client’s needs within a rapidly changing operating environment. We work with clients to develop tailor-made pragmatic solutions that become self-sustaining – expanding markets, improving business processes and creating an asset of value.

We draw on a basket of proven Health Technology Consulting tools and methodologies to support decision-making, but we believe that each client situation is unique and deserves original solutions.  MBAC has 30-years healthcare and consulting experience servicing a variety of local and international clients.

MBAC utilizes this experience, innovation, creativity, pragmatism and scientific processes in our Health Technology Consulting – to successfully execute value-creating solutions for healthcare clients as well as other specialised assignments in other industries on a referral basis.

Mark Banfield earned an MBA with a dissertation on Health Economics and Medical Device Regulation, is a Professional Nurse by original training and has qualifications in business, marketing, legal and commercial law, ethics and is a Lead Auditor for ISO13485:2016.  Mark brings this unique blend of academics and experience to all of our varied assignments.

Mark Banfield was interviewed for an article appearing in Leadership Magazine, which talks to our approach and how we provide Health Technology Consulting services to our various clients. Read more here.

MBAC provides capability in 5 core areas:

  1. ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System Implementation
  2. Regulatory Compliance
  3. Healthcare Market Research
  4. Business Development
  5. Reimbursement and Market Access

Authorized Representative services are provided by Africa Healthcare Holdings.