Market Research



Primary Research

Primary Research


Secondary Research

Secondary Research

Voice of Customer – Product Evaluations, Clinical Practice Landscape and evolving philosophies, In depth Interviews and online surveys.

Perception Surveys – Partnered by Objectivity – Produce large scale perception audits on awareness, importance and ratings using a proprietary telephonic interview methodology.

Medical Advisory Boards – MBAC offers and end to end solution including:

  • Recruitment;
  • Health Care Compliant contracting and management of honoraria;
  • Collation and distribution of pre-MAB materials;
  • Assistance in formulating research questions, agenda and supporting materials;
  • Meeting Facilitation/Chair;
  • Minutes or Transcripts as may be required;
  • Hospitality and Travel arrangements are arranged using a trusted partner, experienced in arranging Medical Congresses, international and local travel and incentives.
Market Access and Reimbursement Pathways – Product, Health Technology, Treatment Methodology or Protocol, Medical Device or Pharmaceutical. MBAC provides custom analysis, often integrating some Primary Research, to define Market Access and Reimbursement Pathways for the Client. This includes both traditional pathways as well as unique “tips and tricks” which may include alternative reimbursement models, and patient access pathways, brand activation and commercial excellence. (Business Development)

Market Intelligence – Expert insights into the South African, and broader Sub-Saharan Healthcare market.

Competitive Landscape – with exceptional access to the South Africa Healthcare supply market, MBAC is able to bring together its expert market insights, strategic marketing and holistic approach, to clearly define and describe the competitive landscape for a company or product, in a manner which enables the company to develop innovative strategies to build competitive advantage.


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Our Services

Market Research

Market Access and Reimbursement Pathways, Market Analysis, Competitor Landscape is undertaken on behalf of clients.  Each assignment is bespoke clients needs and includes primary and secondary research, using scientific methodology and deep market insights.

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Business Development

Sourcing new products for local distributors, penetrating new markets or finding suitable distribution partners.  Leveraging relationships and market knowledge to bring business together and build capacity.

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Systems and Processes

Systems are critical to the success of any business.  MBAC assists clients in optimising their business systems, introducing Business Intelligence tools, providing decision support and ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery when necessary.

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Regulatory, Data Protection, Protection of Personal Information, Promotion of Access to Information, Healthcare Compliance and ISO 13485 advisory services.

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Thando Mthembu

(Assistant Consultant)

Thando has over 8 years of work experience working under varies industry sectors, including Sales and Marketing, TV production as well as Events management. She…

Belinda Banfield


Belinda has more than 15 years industry experience in Sales, Product and Sales Management.  Belinda has also completed a number of consulting assignments, where she…

Mark Banfield


Mark has more than 30 years industry experience in the health technology sector.  Stemming from a broad ranging experience base incorporating operations, finance, quality assurance,…


  • I don't have to worry about my Trade Marks, NRCS and MCC things since MBAC took over all of that and manages it on my behalf.
    Regulatory Compliance
    Regulatory Compliance Client Owner
  • We needed an independent opinion on the market potential for a potential new product because we had found that the reps were always enthusiastic about new products, but we never seemed to do as well as we thought we would.  There were often problems with reimbursement, competition or alternative products we didn't know about beforehand, or underestimated their impact on our product.  Mark helped us sort through all this and provided us with an easy to understand report on market access, reimbursement pathways, competitive landscape and market potential.
    Independent Market Research
    Renal Equipment Manufacturing Company Marketing Director
  • We were looking for an accounting system, which could deal with the complexities of orthopaedic loan sets.  Mark worked with his supplier to develop an innovative solution which sorted out the breaks in communication between the loan set department, reps and our customers.  The CRM component of the system also means that everybody has a total view of the customer, and our internal staff can be so much more responsive, and reps effective.  We now measure them on their effort and sales conversion, rather then simply sales to budget.
    Orthopaedic Loan Set Management
    Medical Device Company, Johannesburg CEO

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