How we work

We take a systematic, holistic approach

In the first scoping meetings with the client, we help by identifying risks and opportunities, goals and priorities of most value to the client’s business.  In this way we are able to structure the assignment in such a way that benefits are delivered throughout the project, and the project itself is approached in a step wise fashion, working towards the overall goal.

We charge for the value that we create, not the time that we take

Most of our assignments are costed on a Project basis, and linked to the value that we create.  In this way the client is not confronted by any nasty surprises, and can feel totally comfortable in calling on MBAC without worrying about escalating costs.  The optimal pricing point is for the customer to receive value for money; while being profitable to MBAC.

We are treasure our integrity

Clients in the Health sector require absolute discretion and the highest degree of confidentiality not only of company information, but the existence of improvement projects within the business.  Clients also want to know that experience gained in their business, will not be used in competitor projects.

Linked with our integrity is our independence and objectivity.  We keep the needs of the client front and center, we will not avoid difficult or unpopular discussions.

We produce high quality outputs

The quality of our outputs is important to us, and we pride ourselves in delivering a high quality of work, that meets the customer’s expectations and our commitments.  We are however not a large organization who specialist in producing long and “fancy” reports.  We will do them if the client wants, but we prefer to focus on the content and value of the report, and will tailor the outputs to the clients needs.

We embrace growth and development

MBAC is a learning organization, constantly updating our knowledge, methods and approaches, based on our own experience (all projects are subject to critical evaluation) and wide reading.  We also believe that in order to truly create value for our clients, we have to ensure that effective skills transfer takes place, and it is therefore important to have multidisciplinary participation from the business and it s employees, in the project.

We leverage our skills and experience

We have more than thirty years of experience in the Health care sector.  Our consulting assignments have been varied, and indeed have extended beyond the healthcare sector.  Though personal experience in multinational corporate companies to local entrepreneurial companies, in positions in sales and marketing, operations and finance, business development, healthcare compliance and quality assurance, and project managing complex IT projects, we bring a holistic approach.

We are flexible

We are agile and able to respond quickly to the needs of the client and changing needs of the project.  Through well established collaborations, we are also able to bring additional resources to an project.    We also don’t mind referring potential clients on to another consultancy, should we feel that they are likely to do a better job for the client.

We have fun

Being at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean that having fun is the least important.  Assignments should be challenging and interesting, and if they are not, it is unlikely that we will take the assignment on.

Our Services

Market Research

Market Access and Reimbursement Pathways, Market Analysis, Competitor Landscape is undertaken on behalf of clients.  Each assignment is bespoke clients needs and includes primary and secondary research, using scientific methodology and deep market insights.

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Business Development

Sourcing new products for local distributors, penetrating new markets or finding suitable distribution partners.  Leveraging relationships and market knowledge to bring business together and build capacity.

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Systems and Processes

Systems are critical to the success of any business.  MBAC assists clients in optimising their business systems, introducing Business Intelligence tools, providing decision support and ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery when necessary.

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Regulatory, Data Protection, Protection of Personal Information, Promotion of Access to Information, Healthcare Compliance and ISO 13485 advisory services.

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Our Team

Belinda Banfield


Belinda has more than 15 years industry experience in Sales, Product and Sales Management.  Belinda has also completed a number of consulting assignments, where she…

Viginia Moepi


Viginia is an experienced assistant with 5 years’ experience, she is goal driven and takes pride and providing the best service possible. As an assistant…

Mark Banfield


Mark has more than 30 years industry experience in the health technology sector.  Stemming from a broad ranging experience base incorporating operations, finance, quality assurance,…


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